Our Commerce program at Chitkara Business School aims to prepare our students to select their professional career from a number of options. The program is designed for students to acquire B Com (Honours) degree alongwith an advanced career option through Association of Certified Chartered accountants (ACCA) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Capital Market Practice (CMP).

During the three years of the Program, students take-up live projects related to: finance and accounting; laws and policies concerning commerce; business management; financial decision making; financial statement analysis; wealth management; marketing etc. with a view to give them a hold on theoretical aspects of different concepts of commerce and finance.

This is a three-year full-time program, spread over five semesters of teaching and final semester of training based on their choice of three streams. The academic framework of the program includes several live industry projects, industry internship, global immersion program and hands-on experience in the world of commerce. Depending on the choice of students, along with normal B Com (Honours), they can study subjects enabling them to obtainadditionalqualification, so as to be ACCA qualified professionals after three years. Alternatively, they can prepare for CFA examinations in their second and third years. Students can also opt to go to Mumbai and study with BSE Institute for a year in various CMP subjects.

Our Classes

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Year 1

  • 1. Major Indian Language

  • 2. Communicative English

  • 3. Financial Accounting I

  • 4. Busi. Regulatory Framework

  • 5. PPM & Business

  • 5. Communication

  • 6. Economics

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Year 2

  • 1. IT and its App. in Business

  • 2. Principle of marketing

  • 3. Financial accounting II

  • 4. Direct and Indirect Taxation

  • 5. Coast and Mnmt.Accounting I

Year 2

  • 6. Audting

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Year 3

  • 1. Accounting and Finance

  • 2. Marketing

  • 3. Taxation

  • 4. Comp.App. & e-Busi.