Lakshya College Narwar

The MMYVV was established by the Act No. 37 of 1995 of Madhya Pradesh Government vide Gazette notification no. 537 dated 29 Nov 1995. The University head office is situated at Brahmsthan of India (geographical centre of India) Village-Karaundi, District-Katni (earlier Katni was part of Jabalpur district), Madhya Pradesh. MMYVV has been established as a statutory University like any other statutory university in India. MMYVV is recognized by UGC under section 2 (F) and is a member of Association of Indian Universities. The MMYVV is reputed to disseminate life oriented Vedic education and job oriented Modern education. MMYVV is the only university who has introduced Vedic Science and it's Technologies in mainstream of modern education in totality. MMYVV is an affiliating University with Jurisdiction spread over entire state of Madhya Pradesh. The University has eight campuses; Brahmsthan, Jabalpur (Vijay Nagar and Mangeli), Bhopal, Indore, Sagar and Raisen.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji was the founder and the first Chancellor of MMYVV. At present Brahmachari (Dr.) Girish Chandra Varma is the Chancellor and as per divine desire and guidance provided by Maharishi Ji, Hon'ble Chancellor is trying to impart knowledge to large number of Students.

Directorate of Distance Education has been established in 2006 and its office is situated at Lamti, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur.

The University offers Doctoral programmes, Post Graduate (Acharya), Graduate (Shastri) and Diploma (Praman Patra) Programmes in Maharishi Ved Vigyan, Jyotish, Yog, Sthapatya Ved-Vastu Vidya, Darshan Shastra, Gandharva Ved-Indian Classical Music and Vedic Swasthya Vidhan in all campuses. Other than Vedic courses, university also offers BBA, BCA, BA, BCOM, BSC (IT), PGDCA, ADCA and DCA courses. Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur campus also offers MBA, MSC (CS)courses. B.Ed. and B.P.Ed. courses approved by National Council of Teachers Education [NCTE] are conducted from Jabalpur Vijay Nagar Campus. D.Ed. has approval from Government of Madhya Pradesh. Full time MBA is also available in Jabalpur Vijay Nagar campus. By now thousands of students have been awarded degrees from this university. At present about 30,000 students are enrolled in various programmes/courses of the university.

Over 400 Associate Institutions are established in cities, blocks and villages of the state, bringing higher education to semi-rural and rural deserving students. MMYVV received approval of Distance Education Council in 2006 to offer number of courses. Please see Distance Education page for further details. IGNOU convergence programmes (please see list of convergence courses in academic programmes) are also available through MMYVV.

Educational excellence should be defined as the process of culturing the individual to display perfection in life. Educational excellence should enable any individual to spontaneously utilize the total Creative Intelligence of Natural Law. All his thought, speech, and action will be spontaneously upheld by the silent power of peace that permeates all activity in the universe.

Unbounded is the potential of individual life; unbounded is the field of intelligence of every individual-every individual should be able to know anything, do anything spontaneously right, and accomplish anything through the support of Natural Law. Creating such a perfect individual is the purpose of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya. [MMYVV].

The reality is that life is bliss-life is a field of all possibilities-the Self of everyone is the eternally self-referral state of consciousness, and in this state of eternal silence is the lively field of all possibilities, Rik Veda, the Cosmic Constitution of the universe, the source of physiology, the source of material creation, proclaims; Yatinam brahma bhavati sarathih (Veda, 1.158.6)-Established in one's own self-referral silence, one spontaneously commands the total potential of the infinite dynamism of Natural Law, which creates and administers the entire Cosmic Life, maintaining perpetual order in the ever-expanding universe.

MMYVV is designed to demonstrate perfection in education. It offers all knowledge in every brain, not fragmented Field of knowledge in the campuses.

MMYVV offers every individual daily life endowed with the ability to prevent problems and avert danger that has not yet come (Heyam dukham anagatam). The supreme ideal of education-perfection in life-is going to be the achievement of the MMYVV.