Lakshya College Narwar

MCU, Bhopal, was set up by Act Number 15 of 1990 of the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh. The University is named after Makhanlal Chaturvedi, a renowned Freedom Fighter, Poet and Journalist.

This University was formally inaugurated by Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, the then Vice President of India, on 16th January, 1991.

The University is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

It is not an Open University providing Distance Education. It does not provide education through correspondence.

It is not a Conventional University having limited territorial jurisdiction. It has jurisdiction through out the country. Consistent with the recent trend of globalization and internationalization of education, the University is imparting education outside the country also.

These Study Institutes are run by non-profit Societies & Trusts which are registered under the relevant laws.

The relationship between the University and its Study Institutes comes closest to, and can be best described as, that existing between a Conventional University and its Affiliated Colleges.

Study Institutes which run Diploma Courses only are called Registered Study Institutes. Those which offer Degree and Post Graduate Courses are called Associated Study Institutes.

The University registers or associates a Study Institute only if inspection by competent and trustworthy professionals finds it adhering to the prescribed norms or having potential to come up to these norms, within a reasonable period.

Continued observance of prescribed norms is ensured through both regular and systematic inspections, and surprise inspections.

Curricula for Courses of the University are designed and regularly updated jointly by eminent academics and professionals which have to be strictly followed by all Study Institutes and their students.

We cannot achieve anything unless we focus. It is a proven fact that all of us have received education but a very few of us are knowledgeable. Jabalpur Vidyapeeth Computer Academy exclusively concentrates upon knowledge not of education because knowledge is something deeper than education. One may be educated but one may need not be knowledgeable. This is the main reason why we have focused upon knowledge absolutely. Our Information Technology Courses will add a feather to our cap of knowledge.

In today's scenario, every industry, large or small, has gone for computerization to remain in the intensely competitive market. From Banking to Insurance, Retail to Manufacturing, Service to Hospitality, and each and every industry has understood the impact of IT on their business and are taking positive and decisive steps towards large-scale automation through computerization. As a result, there is a rapidly growing need for IT skilled professionals throughout the nation. Apart from inducting fresh manpower, organizations are also opting for large-scale training of their existing personnel to enable them to be effective and productive in computerized environment.

We are globally committed to stretch and strengthen to our notions of knowledge and researches to all the remotest corners of the world that would be our real success for which Jabalpur Vidyapeeth Computer Academy is indeed hankering after and pining for.

The University prescribes norms for infrastructure, qualifications and number of faculty, eligibility for admission of students, norms of admission of students on merit, curriculum, number of teaching days (at least 90 days per Semester), minimum number of hours for Class Room-teaching, Laboratory and Practical Work per week, attendance required (75%) for students to be eligible to appear at the University examination and for other matters for which a Conventional University ordinarily prescribes norms for its affiliated colleges.

Since its inception institute is providing tremendous opportunities to talented pool. Few of our great students are working with various leading organizations like Zetetic Computers, Ardent Knowledge & Research Services, Shephali Group, MDH, United Insurance Company, Max International, Whirlpool, Amul, JVS, etc.